Testimonials of UG and PG Students

Sr.NO. Year Name of Students UG/PG Testimony about Department
1 2005-2010 Punam UG Inspiring teachers who are role models for budding students. Developed sense of responsibility towards patients well being.
2 2015-2018 Dr Gopal Lahudas Nagargoje PG I am extremely grateful for my guide Dr. Sheeraz sir for teaching me everything also our HoD Late Dr. Syed Ahmad for always supporting me in department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.


3 2010-2014 Venkatesh balaji hange UG Gained through the department’s clinical programs was invaluable. I was given the opportunity to work with patients from all walks of life, and this allowed me to develop my clinical skills and bedside manner.


The department’s commitment to research and innovation was also a significant highlight of my experience. The department’s research programs provided me with the opportunity to explore cutting-edge techniques and treatments. I was able to work alongside world-renowned researchers and clinicians, and this gave me an excellent foundation for my future career.


Overall, my experience in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery was truly life-changing. The knowledge and skills I gained have prepared me to excel in my career and make a positive impact on the lives of my patients. I would highly recommend this department to anyone who is considering a career in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

4 2005-2010 Praveen Fulchand Dhore UG Inspiring dept an amazing staff who motivated us to do our postgrauation
Many things to learn from Dr.kelkar sir,Dr.Sayyed sir,Dr Laturiya sir ,Dr Shiraz sir
5 2016-2019 Dr.Swati Suresh Jadhav PG I, Dr Swati Suresh Jadhav an alumini of M.I.D.S.R from OMFS department feels immense pleasure sharing about beautiful academic journey that it was. Education and practice was exceptional. This 3 years were not just about the oral and maxillofacial surgery , but also about the overall development as an individual. I consider my post graduation as amongst the wonderful life memories too. I can’t thank enough to all my teachers and mentors. To summarise, i would say i was genuinely glad to be a part of it..
6 2017-2020 Kshitija sonawane PG Best dept to complete your post graduation. Very


knowledgeable and helpful staff to guide you throughout the course.


7 2012-2017 Dr. Vidya Vaybase UG The educational experience in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery was rigorous and comprehensive.
During posting days I got exposure to wide range of clinical cases and surgical procedures.my overall experience was challenging but rewarding that prepared me to make a significant impact in the patients’ lives.
8 2018-2021 Dr. Tushar Ramchandra Kale PG Our Maxillofacial surgery department has a very skillful, friendly and highly educated teaching staff. The nursing staff of the department is well trained. I learned all types of major and minor oral surgical procedures under the supervision of our expert staff. It is my honor to work in such a great deparment…
9 2019-2022 Subhashan Bhale PG My respected teachers at the OMFS department at MIDSR College helped me craft my surgical and diagnostic skills that took me from a shaking leaf to the confident surgeon that I have become today. Not only did my confidence jump tenfold when I finished my residency, but I also got equipped with tools I can use for the rest of my life. First and foremost Dr. Amol doiphode Sir, My guide my mentor, who has been a father figure for all and understood where I was in terms of knowledge of maxillofacial surgery and also patiently taught me in ways which were tailored for me and my personality and made me a better surgeon. Dr. Rahul laturiya Sir has the intuition and skills to guide us through the fear of what to do when faced with any problem while treating or operating on any patient. Dr. Sheeraz badal sir, our beloved HOD,with all the  kindness and the way he helped polish our operative skills is something I would always remember. Dr. Govind Changule sir’s knowledge and surgical skills speak for themselves and his intuitive strategies left me with absolutely no excuses getting in the way of success. Dr. Punam nagargoje Maam taught me techniques that will help me improve my professional skills and maintain a balance between personal and professional life.  My beloved senior as well as our faculty member Dr Gopal Nagargoje sir taught me how to be calm and compose and disciplined in life. Dr Venkatesh Hange sir taught me to try out new surgical techniques and get modernized with the advanced surgical world. Dr Apurva Deshpande mam showed us the way of hardwork and persistence required to be a surgeon. Dr Komal mam taught me that learning is continuous process of lifetime and is never ending. The dynamic composition of the teachers in the department and their cognizance and perception as an elite team together led to the transformation of me from a young budding resident into a strong and confident Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.
10 2019-2022 Dr. Pravin Govindrao Andhare PG One of the best department of Maxillofacial Surgery. Best for free Practical Hand… Lots of Trauma and Pathological cases.. Unique Identity in Medical College… Very good Staff in this department 🏬… I’m proud to be a part of This Department 🙏