RESEARCH | Periodontics

  • Thesis :
1 Dr Taru Snehal Comparitive evaluation of macro and micro nutrients in the serum of healthy individuals and type 2 diabetes mellitus with and without periodontitis Completed
2 Dr Khaparde Surbhi Estimation of YK-L-40 levels in gingival crevicular fluid and serum in periodontally healthy and after non surgical periodontal treatment – a clinic biochemical study. Completed
1 Dr Priya Lahane To compare and evaluate the efficacy of antioxidant supplementation on superoxide dismutase level as an adjunct to scaling and root planning in patients with chronic periodontitis Completed
2 Dr Gawade Monali Estimation of malondialdehyde in chronic periodontitis patients with and without diabetes mellitus patients before and after non surgical periodontal therapy – a clinico biochemical study. completed
3 Dr Agroya Archana A comparative evaluation topical and intra sulcular application of coenzyme Q 10 gel in chronic periodontitis patients a clinical study. Completed
1 Dr Tuteja Amarpreet Pre and post operative evaluation of trabecular changes in periodontal flap surgery by using fractal radiovisographs . Completed
2 Dr Kathole Vrushali Evaluation of differential leucocyte count , erythrocyte sedimentation rate and serum lipid profile in patients with aggressive periodontitis before and after non surgical periodontal therapy. Completed
3 Dr Trupti Giri Evaluation of efficacy of silver nanoparticles by local application with periodontal dressing on surgical wounds of gingival melanin depigmentation. Completed
1 Dr Pathan Fatima A comparative clinical evaluation of efficacy hydroxyethyl metharylate- glutaraldehyde alone, in combination with low level laser therapy and placebo laser in treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity Completed
2 Dr Khan Saleem A clinical radiographic evaluation of modified single buccal flap approach and its coronal repositioning with and without platelet rich plasma in periodontal intrabony defects – a double blind randomized controlled trial . Completed
3 Dr Malbhage Smita To evaluate root surface topography using stereomicroscope after ultrasonic scaling unaided and aided with magnification loupes. Completed
1 Dr Sangle Shrirang Evaluation of postoperative stability of repositioned mucogingival junction secondary to apically repositioned flap for crown lengthening procedure – a clinical study Completed
2 Dr Magdum Kanishka Evaluation of bacterial count in saliva before and after scaling and root planing versus full mouth disinfection a microbiological study Completed
3 Dr Vairagi Madhura Evaluation of severity periodontal inflamed surface area and its correlation to serum acid phosphatase levels – a cross sectional , clinical and biochemical study. Completed
1 Dr Khushbu Bezalwar Formation and stability of mucogingival junction on teeth without clinically detectable mucogingival junction secondary to vestibular extension procedure done for multiple adjacent teeth -a clinical study Completed
2 Dr Priyanka Jadhav Evaluation of plasma fibrinogen and serum albumin in periodontitis patients before and one month after nonsurgical periodontal therapy- A clinico biochemical study Completed
3 Dr Rohini Male A clinical and radiographic evaluation of open flap debridement followed by intramarrow penetration with and without platelet rich fibrin in treatment of intrabony defects in periodontitis patients : A randomized clinical trial. Completed
1 Dr Poonam Kande A comparative evaluation of the salivary alkaline  phosphatase level in premenopausal and post menopausal women with periodontitis before and after scaling and root planing  a clinicobiochemical study Ongoing
2 Dr Shital Nagime Evaluation of keratinized tissue width and  gingival tissue thickness in anterior teeth region of periodontally healthy subjects and  periodontitis patients before and one month after phase i therapy – a comparative clinical study .


3 Dr Anusha Math An Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Keratinized Gingiva And The Relative Positioning Of Mucogingival Junction To Anterior Facial Proportions And Landmarks In Periodontally Healthy Individuals- A Cross Sectional Study


1 Dr Ashutosh Agarwal Comparative clinical evaluation of the efficacy of mini flap versus mini flap along with placement of autologous platelet rich fibrin (PRF) membrane in moderate periodontal pockets-Randomized clinical trial. Ongoing
2 Dr Surbhi Patil Comparative clinical evaluation of maxillary labial frenum position after Frenectomy using conventional and paralleling technique –A Randomized clinical trial Ongoing
3 Dr Nikita Palkar Evaluation of neutrophil to lymphocyte(NLR),platelet to lymphocyte(PLR),and lymphocyte to monocyte (LMR)ratios in peripheral blood of patients  having periodontitis with type 2 Diabetes mellitus before and one month after scaling and root planning. Ongoing
1 Dr Pratiksha Late Evaluation of stress distribution in peri implant bone on application of load on platform matched and platform switched abutments in tapered and cylindrical implants -a tree dimensional finite element analysis study Ongoing
2 Dr Sayli Dalvi An evaluation of radiographic proximal bone level and it’s correlation with depth of placement of platform-switched grade- 4 titanium implants having sand blasted- acid etched surfaces – a clinical trial Ongoing
3 Dr Rutuja Shivpurkar Evaluation of vestibular deepening procedure with and without periosteal fenestration in shallow mandibular labial vestibule: a randomized clinical trial Ongoing

 Short studies

1 Dr Trupti Giri Retrospective analysis of implant related surgeries conducted at MIDSR Latur Completed
2 Dr. Vrushali Kathole Prevalence of various types of frenal attachments and its morphology- A cross-sectional study Completed
3 Dr. Amarpreet Kaur Tuteja Evaluation of varying lengths of crown lengthening procedure on fracture resistance of teeth. Completed
4 Dr. Amarpreet Kaur Tuteja Fractal analysis: a novel tool for invigorating RVGs for initial discovery of bone healing over CBCT Completed
5 Dr. Saleem Khan Prevalence of periodontitis in maharsahtrian population as assessed from sequential panoramic radiographs Completed
6 Dr.Fatima Pathan Drug induced gingival overgrowth and awareness among general physicians- a questionnaire survey Completed
7 Dr. Saleem Khan Knoweldge and practice of interdental cleaning aids among undergraduate and postgraduate students Completed
8 Dr. Smita Malbhage Prevalence of gingival recession based on innovative classification Completed
9 Dr. Madhura Vairagi A novel technique of correlating periodontal inflamed surface area (pisa) with bone biomarker levels Completed
10 Dr. Kanishka Magdum


Prevalence of maxillary sinus septum on digital orthopantomogram in marathawada population- a retrospective study


11 Dr. Shri Sangle Dental practitioner’s approach towards discontinuation of antiplatelet drugs prior to major and minor surgical procedures-a questionnaire survey Completed
12 Dr. Khushbu Bezalwar Evaluate the prevalence of teeth without clinically detectable MGJ Completed
13 Dr. Shital Nagime


Covid 19 knowledge and awareness among the undergraduate dental student in midsr dental college a questionnaire survey Completed
14 Dr. Madhura Vairagi Evaluation of the view point of medical professionals practicing Obstetrics and Gynaecology on maternal periodontal status and the associated pregnancy outcomes. -A questionnaire survey


15 Dr. Kanishka Magdum


Impact of covid 19 on academics, research and clinical practice of pg students in the dept of periodontics Completed
16 Dr. Shri Sangle A novel periodontal approach to fused maxillary lateral incisor-A case report Completed
17 Dr. Khushbu Bezalwar Application of 2017 classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases and conditions among post-graduate students in department of Periodontology in Maharashtra- A questionnaire survey Completed
18 Dr. Rohini Male Knowledge , attitude and compatibility of personal protective equipments among dental practitioners-


19 Dr Priyanka Jadhav Assessment of knowledge of dental lasers among postgraduate students, private practitioner and dental college faculty-a questionnaire survey Completed
20 Dr. Poonam Kande


Assessment of knowledge and awareness about dental ergonomics among dental practitioner – a questionnaire survey Completed
21 Dr. Anusha Math


A questionnaire survey based covid-19 appraisal study Completed
22 Dr. Nikita Palkar Prevalence of maxillary labial frenal attachment in Marathwada population – A cross sectional study Completed
23 Dr. Surbhi Patil Impact of COVID 19 on academics and clinic on UG students – A Questionnaire based survey Completed
24 Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal Knowledge, attitude, practice and barriers of UG and PG dental students towards scientific research in Marathwada region Completed
25 Dr. Nikita Palkar Evaluation of relationship between gingival phenotype and prosopic index in periodontally healthy individuals Completed
26 Dr. Surbhi Patil Association of lip length with gingival display, tooth size and shape Ongoing
27 Dr. Nikita Palkar The lingual mandibular attached gingiva-an unexplored entity Ongoing
28 Dr Rutuja Shivpurkar Correlation of skin colour with gingival pigmentation in Marathwada population – a cross sectional study Ongoing
29 Dr Pratiksha Late Lingual foramina on cone beam computed tomography – a retrospective radiographic study Ongoing
30 Dr Sayli Dalvi Gingival zenith positioning with upper anterior teeth and its relationship with attached gingiva- a cross sectional study Ongoing