Learning Outcome UG | Oral Medicine

Learning Outcome

Course is about teaching Oromaxillofacial Medicine & Radiology to students. The goals of teaching & learning are to diagnose Oromaxillofacial lesions & treat them. Learning to students by various methods like lecture with help of PPT, demonstrations and group discussion, 1:1 case discussions are carried out. The slow learner will be given special attendance to their learning skills thorough 1:1 subject discussion & and also address their concern to subject.

We assess our students by conducting internal assessment on regular basis. The low performing students are given a chance to improve their marks through Betterment exams & also discuss their concern for low performance & boost their knowledge and confidence. The students also take advantage of college library for references. The students are made comfortable to discuss their doubts at any time. Our students are encouraged to participate in various conferences. Their success is visible in their participation in various activities & the awards won.

Our students made confident and knowledgeable in basics and clinical aspect with various learning methods and aids.

  1. Students are thought about the importance of informed consent and communication skills.
  2. Systematic approach for case history taking.
  3. Performance of physical examination of Oromaxillofacial structures.
  4. Practice of radiation protection protocols for students and patients.
  5. Clinical examination & diagnosis of oromucosal lesions.
  6. Tobacco related lesions, counseling and treatment.
  7. Oral cancer diagnosis & Management
  8. TMJ examination diagnosis and treatment
  9. Dental consideration of systemic diseases and management of medically compromised patient.
  10. To differentiate normal and pathology in Medicine & Radiology.
  11. Systematic approach for radiograph reading and interpretation of IOPA, OPG and CBCT images.
  12. The importance and implementation of quality assurance in radiology.
  13. Segregation and disposal of biomedical waste generated during case history taking and radiographic procedures.
  14. Research oriented teaching and learning is performed.


Sr. No Name of the Faculty Title of the Award Date/Month/Year of the award Presented by & Venue
1 Dr. Sumeet Pradduman Kumar Shah Gold medal For MDS University Exam 24/03/18 Teerthanker mahaveer university