Criteria 44.2 – 4.2.3

Detailed report of activities and list of students benefitted due to exposure to learning resource

Details of the Laboratories, Animal House and Herbal Garden

Animal House

Visit to animal house develops knowledge about animals which helps students in research studies. The animal house with an area of 1200 attached to medical college.

Herbal Garden

The institution is set up in an eye-catching lush green ambiance with panoramic views. The college building is surrounded by lawns. The campus has around 15721 trees which include medicinal herbs, variety of flower blooming trees like firangipani, hibiscus, jasmine, etc. Few medicinal plants have been planted within the campus premises for educational use.Various fruits like custard apple, lemon tree, common fig, mango,etc and rare trees like Golden Bamboo, Spanish cherry,etc are also planted in the campus.

Students are taught about the various uses of plants and herbs.Students are encouraged to learn about herbs and perform research on the use of herbs in their practice.


Students are exposed to various laboratories situated in the institution from first year to final year as per the norms of DCI. Students of first and second year attend practicals in the laboratories of anatomy, physiology, pathology,microbiology , biochemistry and pharmacology situated in the medical college MIMSR of the institution. Also preclinicals of prosthodontics and conservative dentistry are attended by the first and second year students in their particular labs. Every students gets equal opportunity to perform and learn all the procedures demonstrated in the labs.

In the anatomy lab, students learn dissection procedure on the cadavers based on the syllabus.

Proper sterilization is followed in the lab to store the cadavers.While in the physiology and biochemistry lab, students learn various hematological tests and tests related to proteins,carbohydrate,glucose,etc with urine samples.In the pharmacology lab students learn to formulate and prepare  mouthwash, dentrifices and drugs related to dentistry.In the microbiology lab students learn to identify gram positive and gram negative bacteria on various media like agar plates and petri dishes. In the pathology lab, students learn to identify the pathological changes in the blood and urine samples slides.

In the preclinical labs of prosthodontics and conservative dentistry students learn to make dentures and prepare cavities on the typhodonts and cast models.

Students of third year and final year attendclinical postings where they are exposed to skill labs which help them achieve knowledge while dealing with patients.

Postgraduates use laboratories for thesis and research work. Also to enhance their skills, skill labs like  Esthetic  clinic, implant clinic,Geriatricclinc are used.

Number of UG, PG students exposed to Laboratories, Animal House and Herbal Garden (in house OR hired) per year based on time-table and attendance