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Name: Mrs.Dongare Lalita Deepak
Designation: Librarian (Head of the Dept.)
Education: M.A., M. Lib.I.Sc.
Mobile No: 9423720053
Experience: 9 Year

MIDSR Center Library system supports the teaching & learning program of the Institute. The Library has an excellent collection of text books, reference books. Daily news Papers, Journals Encyclopedia, bound volumes of journals, CD-ROMS regarding of curriculum based reading material.

The Library has adequate infrastructure to meet student’s requirements. MIDSR Central Library follows open access system that allows users a direct access to the library collection.

Library has a conducive atmosphere for reading, well ventilated & adequately lighted hall. Library consist of reading hall, journal section, reference section, circulation section, stack section, Acquisition and technical section, staff room and an office for the Librarian.

Size of Library : 8100 sq.ft.
Seating Capacity : 150
No. Of Books : 4293
No. Of Journals: 40
Printed Journals : Indian – 16
  Foreign – 24
Electronic Journals : 2500

No. Of Non. Book Material :- 261

  • Slides :- --
  • Audio Cassettes :- --
  • Video Cassettes :- --
  • Floppies :- --
  • Cd’s :- 261


  1. The objective of MIDSR Central Library is to actively participate in the educational mission of the college through collection and dissemination of information to meet the curricular and general requirement of the student’s faculty and staff.
  2. To expand the information resources available, by establishing mutual Beneficial partnership with education institutions and other Organizations.
  3. To respect and Preserve the Knowledge of the Past, for future.


  • MIDSR Central Library has subscribed MUHS Nashik University Digital Library Membership.
  • Library is accessible to staff and students all days.
  • Libraries provide 5-7 books for period of 15days to the students.
  • External liaison with other organizations and institutions which serve as a mechanism for acquiring urgently required references.
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