Anti-Ragging Policy

Ragging , means a display of disorderly conduct, doing of any act which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment to a student in any educational institution and; includes-

  1. Teasing, abusing, threatening or playing practical jokes on or causing hurt to a student; or
  2. Asking a student to do any act or perform something which a student will not willingly do.

Ragging has several aspects with far reaching psychological, social, political, economic, cultural, and academic dimensions.Perspective of ragging encompasses the injury caused to the fundamental right to human dignity through humiliation heaped on junior students by seniors. Apart from sustaining grievous physical injuries, those unfortunate students who succumb to ragging either develop a fear psychosis that hunts them throughout their lives or worse, quit Their college education even before it really begins.

Therefore, Anti-Ragging measures at MIDSR Dental College and Hospital, Latur are strictly implemented. We are proud to state that the entire campus of MAEER, including MIDSR Dental College and Hospital is totally ragging – free and it has been our constant endeavor to maintain this status. The safety and security of our students being foremost in our minds, the entire campus in under continuous video surveillance and monitoring.

To Further reinforce the Ragging Free environment and bearing in mind the Maharashtra prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 ( effective from 15th May 1999) MIDSR Dental College and Hospital has the following provisions enforced against Ragging:

  1. Ragging within or outside of MIDSR Dental College and Hospital is strictly prohibited.
  2. Whoever directly or indirectly commits, Participates in, abets/ propagates ragging within or outside MIDSR Dental College and Hospital shall, on conviction, be liable under Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 for imprisonment for a term which may extend up to two years and /or a penalty which may extend up to ten thousand rupees.
  3. Any student convicted of an offence of ragging shall be dismissed from MIDSR Dental College and Hospital and such A student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution for a period of five years from the date of order of such dismissal
  4. Whenever any student, parent or guardian complains, in writing, of ragging to the Principal:
    1. The Principal shall without prejudice to the foregoing provisions, within seven days of the receipt of the complaint conduct an enquiry into the matter mentioned in the complaint
    2. If prima facie is found to be true, suspend the student who is accused of the offence and shall immediately forward the complaint to the police Station having jurisdiction over the area in which MIDSR Dental College and Hospital is situated for further action.
    3. If it is proved that there is no Substance, Prima facie in the complaint received; he shall intimate the fact in writing to the complainant.
    4. The decision of the principal of MIDSR Dental College and Hospital shall be final.
  5. The application form for admission, enrolment or registration contains affidavits which are to be submitted after being completed and duly signedby:
    • Applicant /Student
    • Parent/ Guardian
    • (The affidavit/ s is made available in English/ Hindi / Marathi for Convenience of the applicants. Copies of Maharashtra prohibition Act, 1999 and directions of the Hon,ble Supreme Court, Regulations of UGC Regarding Prohibition of Ragging and the Anti – Ragging Manual of MIDSR are made Available in the office for reference only . However a copy of DCI Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Dental Colleges 2009 Shall be given at the time of enrolment).

A student seeking admission to a hostel forming part of the institution, or seeking to reside in any temporary premises not forming part of the institution , including a private commercially managed lodge or hostel, shall have to submit additional affidavits countersigned by his/her parents/guardians in the form prescribed.

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